A passion for shooting

Hetton Shoot was established in 2010 by Hendrik van Boeckel and Nico Geertzema and is driven by their love and passion for shooting.

Hendrik van Boeckel

After qualifying as a Forester at the well-known School of Applied Sciences in Velp, Hendrik ‘emigrated’ to the UK from the Netherlands in 2004 because of his love of country sports – or, perhaps better expressed, because of the lack of any opportunity to practise country sports in his native country. Hendrik has been involved in shooting since a very young age and as a gamekeeper has built up a wealth of experience on how to run every aspect of a successful shoot.   Hendrik now provides the leadership for a team of three full-time gamekeepers. His passion for the work, as well as for hospitality and an eye for detail, have brought the shoot to its current high level.


Nico Geertzema

As co-owner of Hetton Estate and as a sportsman himself, Nico is the other half of Hetton Shoot. Nico studied Agricultural Management and Financial Management successively at the Nyenrode Business University in Amsterdam. After having worked for several years in the mergers and acquisitions sector, Nico began work in the family business in 2007. Nico plays the background role in looking after the administrative aspects of the shoot, such as bookings, hotels, transport, permits etc.

We offer quality and a great range of service and opportunity – from high driven pheasant and partridge for the most experienced sportsmen, to simple but exciting walked-up days. We have a great respect for sporting etiquette, which we combine with the very best quality shooting that England has to offer.

Jachtreizen Nico Geertzema Hendrik van Boeckel