Driven pheasant and partridge shooting

This type of shooting tests your metal as a true country sportsman.

A professional team of beaters will do their utmost to flush the many pheasants and partridges and to present them over the guns at challenging heights. A second team of pickers-up stands behind the line, clear of the guns and ready to pick all the birds that have been shot and possibly wounded. You will enjoy watching their excellent dog-handling skills. After a drive or two it will be about eleven o’clock, and time for a small glass and a little something to eat whilst comparing notes with your fellow guns and friends. Then after another drive we will make our way to one of our shooting huts where we will enjoy a top quality lunch prepared by a professional chef. In the afternoon we will do a few more drives, before finally laying out the final bag (the ‘tableau’) and going in to enjoy another drink around the open fire in the shooting hut.

We have a wide range of choice in the number of drives available to us, all of them different as much in landscape as in difficulty. We have enough drives to be able to cater for three consecutive days of shooting. Each drive counts amongst the best that Northumberland has to offer.

Hetton Shoot is ideal for bags of 125-300 birds per day. Driven pheasant and partridge shooting is available for parties of (minimum) 6 to (maximum) 10 people.

The season for pheasant and partridge opens on 1st October and runs until 1st February.



Driven partridge and duck shooting

You should certainly come to us during September for driven partridge shooting, perhaps combined with some duck shooting.

Various drives are laid out especially for partridges and, alongside these, several ponds offer the chance of some challenging duck shooting as well.

The weather in September generally allows us plenty of opportunity to have a pleasant picnic lunch out in the field.

Driven partridge shooting is available for parties of (minimum) 6 to (maximum) 10 people.


Mixed shooting

By ‘mixed shooting’ we simply mean that it is not just pheasant and partridge that form the bag. Duck, hare and other small game species often appear in the ‘tableau’ at the end of the day. We will alternate the pheasant and partridge drives that feature in our driven days with a hare drive, and have a go at the ponds which contain a number of species of duck. A rabbit, a woodcock or a lovely pigeon flying overhead bring extra variety to the bag.

‘A little glass of something’ and a good lunch in one of the shooting huts are just as much part of the day.

Mixed shooting is available for parties of (minimum) 5 to (maximum) 9 people.


Walked-up shooting

Away from the driven shoots, the field edges and hedges offer plenty of opportunity for walked-up shooting. You will go out with one of our keepers and a couple of dogs. Walked-up shooting is available for parties of (minimum) 2 to (maximum) 4 people.

Clay pigeons

Arriving a day ahead gives you the ideal opportunity to get your eye in on clay pigeons. We have a mobile, remote-controlled clay pigeon machine (Laporte) at our disposal. We can simulate every shooting situation that you would wish and, if requested, can give instruction on how to improve your shooting skills even further.



Roe deer

Roe deer stalking on foot is available. The contours of the landscape, and the many hedges and stone walls, provide plenty of opportunity to get within shooting distance of a roe buck. High-seat stalking is also available.

We have the stalking rights on a number of estates and farms and can therefore offer a great variety of roe stalking. There will be an outing at both dawn and dusk.

This area is well known for the excellent quality of roe antlers. Weights of 500 grams and more are not exceptional. If requested, we can give you the use of one of our rifles, which come equipped with excellent scopes and bipods.

Roe deer stalking opens on 1st April and runs until 31st October. The best months for roe bucks are April/May and July/August.

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Prices and availability

To discuss prices and availability we would recommend that you get in touch with us by telephone. Through our extensive contacts we can also arrange grouse shooting for you.